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Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley site re-design.

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Morgan Stanley was looking to elevate their brand through a fully responsive site re-design. Their goal was to be presented as thought leaders, and to stand out among their competitors. To achieve this, we designed a site that brings content to the foreground. The design language is bold, bright, and modern; giving Morgan Stanley a distinct edge in their industry.

Each section of the site is color-coded, and distinguished by a specific object/image.

The people page features a new Morgan Stanley employee every week.

The about us page uses parallax scrolling to divide each section.

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Agency: Huge

Role: Visual Designer

Creative Director: Clark Morgan, Sung Baik

Senior Art Director: Andre Ribeiro

Associate Visual Designer: Tim Sullivan

User Experience: Alison Kudlow, Jocelyn Song

Development: James Vecchio, Ning Yap, Jack Gold